by Eric Y. Theriault

I wish I were out of here;
I wish I were with you;
making love to you;
instead of wasting my time here;
I always want to be with you;
I'll give you all you want;
I don't want much from you;
I just want to be with you forever.

I want some more of you;
I want to be part of you;
I want to be with forever;
I don't want you to ever leave me;
I want a part of you near me;
I don't want to ever forget you.

Am I with you now?
Do you feel me in you;
Do you think of me all the time;
As I think of you
don't you see that I love you?
cuz if you don't; I dunno what you see;
I'll always be here for you
alwaz be here for you
alwaz for you