by Eric Y. Theriault

You seem totally different now
from when we first met
I thought you'd be kewl
and respect me
but instead you try to change me
You can't change me
you know you can't
I've lived to long like so to change
But I also long for your love
I don't want to change; but I don't want to lose you.
Can't stay by myself but I can't stay with you.

Maybe you'll make me better
Maybe you'll make me worse
But I don't give a phucking shit
Because I am what I wanna be
You can't change me
and if you try you'll lose me
you can't be like my mother
so be yourself and love me as I am

What the phuck is wrong with me
I love you but I hate you
you try to change me into something I am not
you try to make me something I'm against
I'll love you for what whatever you stand
But you gotta learn to do the same

People who've tried have died
And I don't want to do that to you
so stop and respect myself for what I stand and believe
I know that I am strange
and people do tease
but this is the person which I wanna be
accept me for what I am or not at all
as I have done for you
there's a few things which I dislike about you and this is one
I don't like to change people
but please don't make me any different than I am.