Wishing You Were Here

By Eric Y. Theriault

Look up to the sky,
There's nothing else by to die;
Everything worth living for is gone...
There's nothing in tomorrow that today didn't bring,
Except for a few more tears,
But I can't die now,
I must think of better times...
When we were together,
But its all gone away.

There's nothing that my heart is wanting except for your love,
But I don't think that I stand a chance anymore.
I said some rude things,
That I know I shouldn't had said,
But now as I sit by the fire,
I understand what you meant when you wrote me the last time,
I know that it's not my words that I speak,
But its the words that my heart is thinking right now...
And I am here all by myself...
Wishing you were here