By Eric Y. Theriault

Not much longer
to live like this
The pain of losing all that matters
over a disease
much heard of
and now I'm losing everything,
but you
must promise me
that there will be a cure
Some day soon

I cannot stand to lose you
We've been through too much
to just say goodbye
Can't I just speak to you
One more time
There's not much longer

There's not much longer
To live like a person
Rejected for mistakes
Can't I please be forgiven?
I never meant
for this to happen,
But I look towards the bright side
I will not be here
much longer

The pain
of losing
is quite too painful
everything was once
wide open
and now
the door is left closed
as I look to the other end
I see a door
left open
Waiting for your
and my family
to come to see me
before I leave
Wont you please hurry
The door is closing faster
And I know I'll not be here
Much longer