The Loving Game

by Eric Y. Theriault

Love will try to change you all the time;
And when you refuse to change,
You will end up alone again and waiting;
For things that seem to take forever.
And then again, something will spark up again,
Just to let you down again.
And then someday you will find someone
That will seem to last you forever,
But this will take a while.
Although you wish it could take hours,
It will take several years,
And soon you will see that the one you left behind,
Will be the one that you will run back to.
The longer it seems to take,
The harder it is to make;
And the harder it is to understand and to choose.
And one day, a person will come,
That your heart will let you know that is the one.
And that person will drag you to the floor,
While you beg for more.
And once you let go, another shall come to play,
And will you say they may?
Of course you will, because this is a never ending game it may seem.
Until you meet the one who will do whatever you want them to,
And will love you until the end of time.
And for me, that person is you.