by Eric Y. Theriault

Long road,
of unpleasant memories,
where he spent his time,
either good or sad,
So many days,
staring at His monument;
in the field of grass.

Neighbours knew the boy too well;
Although they never spoke to him,
but there is no doubt,
of theories they had for him;
"What a sad boy he is,
Staring at a rock";
But if they could only understand,
that rock, they state,
meant more to the boy,
than the world itself.

She apologized,
as a tear fell down her face,
And here She promised,
She'd forever love him.

she understood,
the man the boy loved,
and the man
the boy would like to become.

And now the boy is old,
but in his heart,
that rock, they state,
he'll forever remember,
although he visits Him not as much,
that boy forever loves his Father;
he's no longer,
just down
the road.