by Eric Y. Theriault

Today, I wear your shirt,
and it is so strange,
as it is as close to you
as I can get right now.
I long for your touch;
I long for your lips;
I long for your eyes;
and I long for you.
My heart calls your name
and I dream of you,
throughout the night.
Your memory escapes me not,
and I cannot wait another second
to see you again;
to touch you again;
to kiss you again;
and again and again and again.
Never can I escape without you,
for every second is a century,
and all I see reminds me of you,
as with all my walks,
and all my conversations.
If I were ever at doubt
of how I feel towards you,
I know right now,
that I love you;
more and more.
I love you.