The Woman I Knew

by Eric Y. Theriault

When children were untrue,
and my days were quite blue,
there is a woman I knew,
who'd make it all go away,
and make my day brand new.

She hated my hair,
and hated my wear,
but at times of trouble,
was always there,
Full of stories
to brighten my day
With hopes and promises,
I was all brand new,
and she was just a woman I knew.

Pointed me to church,
and sent me off to school,
But when questions rose,
her answers were always there,
With hopes and dreams so high,
never crossed my mind,
that she was really more,
than just a woman I knew.

To the world,
I was a failure.
But through her eyes,
I was the best.
No book about her life
shall you ever see,
nor her picture on the news,
but that woman I knew,
is the one I don't think of everyday,
and though I'm not always kind to you,
I love you mom,
I love you.