ReallySimpleSnagger is an Atom, OPML, and RSS feed aggregator optimized for reading feeds offline. Most feed aggregators only read the feed and most feeds only contain a summary of referenced items and do not contain images, which makes them difficult and frustrating to read offline.

Normal aggregators do not download the entire document.

By contracts, ReallySimpleSnagger downloads the feeds and the referenced full items, creating an offline experience that is almost like being online.

ReallySimpleSnagger downloads the full feed and referenced documents, making a better offline experience.

Once ReallySimpleSnagger has downloaded your feeds, you can copy the content to your device and not require an Internet connection to read through the referenced content.

1). ReallySimpleSnagger downloads Content. 2). Content can be copied to a device. 3). Use the content on or off-line.


Downloads, Support, and more!

The current version of ReallySimpleSnagger is 0.1beta and you can download it from https://www.eyt.ca/Software/ReallySimpleSnagger/RSSInstaller-0.1.zip.

On-line documentation is available here.

Support for ReallySimpleSnagger can be received by e-mailing support@eyt.ca.