Jul 26, 2005

bBlog Trackbacks for Moderation...

Unfortunately my site was down for the last couple of months during my move to Seattle, and I was getting used to not having any blog spam. While there are some preventive measures in bBlog for spam, with more coming in the newer releases, one of the parts that I find most annoying is the fact that trackbacks are posted directly on your site, regardless of your setting for posting comments.

Since the comments and trackbacks are stored in the same database, you can easy have trackbacks wait for moderations like other comments by simply adding onhold='1', in your trackback.php file where it generates the query into the SQL database. A snapshot of my 0.7.6 release of this file is https://www.eyt.ca/Software/trackback.php.

When you receive a trackback, you will receive your e-mail as normal, however, your visitors will see that a comment is pending moderation. In order for the trackback to be displayed, you will have to log in to your admin interface and approve the comment under Comments by clicking Approve. Or, Delete :-).

While it precludes the entire concept of trackbacks, this does prevent your visitors (and particularly your search-engine visitors) from seeing links to these sites.

Needless to say, this is not linked into your user interface, and thus if you change your mind, it will require another code change.


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