Mar 22, 2006

OpenNETCF.org Desktop.Communication Library 2.9...

About a month ago, a new version of OpenNETCF.org Desktop.Communication Library was released, and I finally got a chance to work with it last night. Unfortunately, the problem I discussed here regarding the FileInformation buffer is too small is still an issue in this release. I think that it was accidently removed, since the file has a number of whitespace-type changes from the previous release.

Another issue that has not been fixed is the issue I reported to the forums. The issue is that if the RAPI fails to communicate with ActiveSync, an exception is thrown, but the finalizer is still called, and the finalizer does not properly handle the case where the constructor is not ran to completion. This is handled by a quick fix of (changes are in bold):

  1. // ...
  2. ~RAPI()
  3. {
  4.   if ( m_activesync != null ) {
  5.     m_activesync.EndListen();
  6.   }
  7. // ...

And aside from hitting the first problem in my application, the new release seems good after patching the above two issues.

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