Jun 04, 2006

Introducing ReallySimpleSnagger Version 0.1beta...

After a few months of development and testing, I am pleased to introduce ReallySimpleSnagger version 0.1beta.

ReallySimpleSnagger is an off-line Atom, OPML, and RSS reader. What most feed readers do is only read the information in the feed itself, and unfortunately, most feeds only contain a small snippet of the actual article, and they only gather images if you are actually on-line.

ReallySimpleSnagger, on the other hand, downloads the the feed and all the referenced content in the feed, including the articles, images, and everything required to make your off-line experience almost indistinguishable from your on-line experience.

Once that ReallySimpleSnagger has downloaded this content, you can simply either use the content directly or copy the content onto a device, such as a Palm or Pocket PC/Windows Mobile device and use a standard web browsers to view the content.

If you are using a Pocket PC/Windows Mobile device, ReallySimpleSnagger comes with a service that uses ActiveSync to synchronize the content between your desktop and mobile device. But even if you do not have a Pocket PC or Windows Mobile device, our documentation will walk you through how to manage your content effectively.

This version is a stable beta version that is provided free of charge (this may change in the future). I am particularly interested in hearing about any bugs that you may find and what you think would make it a better product.

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