Jun 07, 2006

Adding the comment URL to bBlog's RSS 2.0 Feeds...

The default bBlog RSS 2.0 feed template does not present the user with a link to the comments page. Although this is easily derived, some RSS readers can do some funky stuff with this information. It turns out that adding this is extremely easy. Simply do the following:

  1. Change the current directory to your bBlog directory
  2. Edit bblog/inc/admin_templates/rss20.html.
  3. Search for the guid tag, and you should see something like:
    • ...
    • <guid isPermaLink="true">{$post.permalink}</guid>
    • <title>{$post.title|htmlspecialchars}</title>
    • <link>{$post.permalink}</link>
    • <comments>{$post.permalink}#comments</comments>
    • {if strlen($post.author.email) > 0}
    • ...
  4. The line in bold above is the one you should add in.
  5. Save, and enjoy!

Or just take a short cut to all this and snag mine. Let me know if there's anything.

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