Apr 29, 2007

Upgrading your BIOS from 64-bit Windows...

A while ago, I upgraded my Tablet PC to Windows Vista Ultimate and decided to take advantage of my Core 2 Duo processors by installing the 64-bit version. A lot of the pain I had upgrading was actually related to the 64-bit decision, but I will only talk about one of those today.

A few days after upgrading, Gateway released a new version of the BIOS. I downloaded the new BIOS version and attempted to install the new version, but unfortunately, I learned that WinPhlash does not work on 64-bit versions of Windows. There are a wide variety of recipes to get around this, but none of them worked for me (I kept getting the 0xC000000F error mentioned in the comments).

But I finally got the latest BIOS installed. What I did is I downloaded Windows 98 boot disk ISO from All Boot Disks and downloaded a DOS-version of the Phlash program at BIOS Man (Link Removed). My system has a small FAT32 partition, and so I copied the firmware package and the phlash program there (if you don't have this luxury, you will probably need to edit the ISO to add the files you need to it) and booted from the CD, enabling the feature where it prompts before it loads anything and answering no to all the questions, and then ran the Phlash program from there. Everything worked like a charm.

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