Mar 06, 2023

Moved off of bBlog

I have finally moved off of bBlog. It has been on my TODO list for years now, however, there has always been something else higher priority, but with my latest upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 which comes with MySQL 8 by default, getting it to work again was more work than scrapping it. It seems strange that nothing in PHP has been updated to handle the “new” credentials added in MySQL 5.7.

As part of this project, I have removed a bunch of links which makes some of the posts a bit harder to read but with the dead link, it arguably is not much better than clicking on bad links. That said, it was a trip down memory lane with CUJ, Dr. DOBBS, and other great resources no longer being published or available! If you notice any other link problems, please let me know.

Anyhow, my current move is just to use static files directly extracted by from the database. If it helps anyone, just reach out.

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