Jul 01, 2004

The bBlog nextprev 0.3 plugin...

Here's another update to my nextprev plugin. The biggest feature is documentation. In the previous releases, I had forgotten to mention that you needed two patches for bBlog 0.7.3. These two patches are now included by default.

In addition to the documentation, I have also included the updated line template with the changes. This will hopefully help users who are installing this plugin slightly.

In the 0.2 release, I added the ability to enumerate the pages. For sites with many pages, I have added the ability to limit the number of displayed pages via a variable. The include line template shows a technique on how to show this, but it is all entirely up to you.

Lastly, I have added the ability to add some more parameters to the SQL query that is done for counting, and add more parameters to the generated links. This could be used to change the functionality of this plugin.

Again, for a working demo, simply look at the bottom of here.

If there are any issues with it, or you have another suggestion, please let me know :-).

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