Jul 04, 2004

The bBlog nextprev 0.4 plugin...

In the bBlog Forum, there has been a thread on a Search Plugin, and Chris Boulton has just created one.

So, in addition to this blog now having the Search capability, my NextPrev plugin now supports it.

To add support for the Search plugin, I have added the ability to specify the query array to prevent NextPrev from querying the database. This allows you to create your own query. For this to work, the array has to be modified, and I have introduced a new parameter to do this. To avoid the form from posting data, I have also modified Chris's templates to use GET, and I am using the link parameter introduced in 0.3 to complete the recipe.

As always, if there are any issues with it, or you have another suggestion, please let me know :-).

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