Aug 31, 2004

Joel on Estimation...

Meryl Evans has posted an article by Joel on Software that discusses Estimation. The posting is a little strange in the sense that it is really clear that it is Joel that is writing (and Joel's web site does not even mention it), especially since it is focused on web site development. Either way, the concepts are easily applicable to other areas.

There is really nothing rocket-science or new in the discussion; Joel mentions that the way to succeed is to break your estimates into tasks that take between 4 and 16 hours, similar to that recommended by Delphi Sessions. Based on this, Joel recommends that you deliver prioritized functionality little-by-little to the end-user, allowing them to refine their requirements. His reason for doing so is also very common, in that the customers do not always know what they want, so once they see it in action, they will probably change their thinking.

Nothing really new, but a good review if you have not seen it in a while.

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