Sep 21, 2004

Fixed a couple bBlog issues...

Over at the bBlog forums, Jonathan Weinraub requested the ability to be able to receive the comment text within the e-mail notification feature, which makes a lot of sense. Users that are using bBlog 0.7.3 can download an updated bBlog.class here, and simply copy it over their existing blog/inc/bBlog.class.

Also in the happens over on the forum, antarius had an issue with getrecentposts; Users of 0.7.3 can snag a new functions.getrecentposts.php here, and copy it over the existing one in bblog/bBlog_plugins.

Users that are using CVS-based versions will get these features for free on their next sync.

As always you have any questions, comments, or problems, please let me know :-).

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