Oct 21, 2004

C++'s Export revisited...

As promised, Danny from the InformIT C++ Newsletter has revisited the C++ export keyword. It provides some history and some facts surrounding the issue, and is a good summary on the keyword.

I am not surprised by the ISO C++ Standards Committee standardizing the export keyword without having at least one implementation; there are other things that were standardized with implementations that are not fantastic today, such as the std::allocator concept (as described by items 10 and 11 of Scott Meyers' Effective STL) and the std::vector<bool> (as described in Item 18 of the aforementioned book).

It is also nice to know that Comeau C++ is not the only compiler that supports the keyword. It appears that Intel's C++ compiler also deals with it, albeit in an unsupported and undocumented role.

Danny's description of how the export keyword actually works is similar to the way that I expected it to work. I expect it to work like a precompiled header, that is maintained by the compiler, and any change to this file requires the recompilation of most of your tree. But I envisioned this precompiled header to be more like the Java-based file that would be expanded when required during linking, but to my understanding, the standard does not choose the actual implementation, such that this latter method could potentially be done at the cost of a significant effort.

I am surprised by the fact that some vendors claim that this is not a demanded feature. When I talk to people about templates, people generally complain about the complexity of debugging them and the instantiations of them (not the fail to mention the group of people who hate templates because of one specific template implementation, such as a recent person I spoke to who hated templates just because of std::auto_ptr). While debugging has been addressed in the more popular compilers, there are some debuggers that are not ideal with templates. By far, however, it usually has to do with template instantiations. Yes, I agree that no one has downright came up to me and said that they want export support in the compiler, it is undeniably a possible solution to some users needs.

Of course, if I were a compiler vendor, would I implement the export keyword? Probably not. I would focus my energy on making standard template compilation better, by working on the implicit instantiation and linker resolution phases, since these are the areas that people are presently working the most with. A feature such as the export keyword, as highlighted in the article, is not easy to implement, especially to do it any justice, and for people to get any benefit out of it, they will have to port some code to use the keyword. These two issues seem to go against implementing it. The request to remove export [PDF] from the C++ Standard is also an interesting read on the topic, and although Danny did not specify the reason it was rejected, I hope that vendors will perhaps make templates faster and better, no matter which keyword do it with.

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