October 9, 2004

The survey says Java Generics helps Code Maintainability...

In Java Generics: Better Code or Worse?, I mentioned that I feel that Java Generics will help code maintainability, and according to Java Specialists' Issue 96, three-quarters of the respondents agree with me, but are as inexperienced as I am with Tiger, so this opinion could change overtime, but I really doubt it.

The real point of Issue 96, however, is not to discuss this. I was actually hoping to see some key points of why people are for it and why people are against Java generics, as I think that this would be interesting. Instead, the discussion in this newsletter is about how a variable declared final is not necessarily constant under J2SE 1.5, whilst it was under 1.4.2. Of course, this is not from a direct-use point of view, as I was initially under the impression of, but rather via reflection on certain types. Heinz provides a full historical viewpoint on this, and why these rules are different under 1.5. While reflection is not something I personally use regularly, it does provide some good insight to the Java language.

Posted 17 years, 11 months ago on October 9, 2004
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