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September 21, 2004

Fixed a couple bBlog issues...

Over at the bBlog forums, Jonathan Weinraub requested the ability to be able to receive the comment text within the e-mail notification feature, which makes a lot of sense. Users that are using bBlog 0.7.3 can download an updated bBlog.class here, and simply copy it over their existing blog/inc/bBlog.class.

Also in the happens over on the forum, antarius had an issue with getrecentposts; Users of 0.7.3 can snag a new functions.getrecentposts.php here, and copy it over the existing one in bblog/bBlog_plugins.

Users that are using CVS-based versions will get these features for free on their next sync.

As always you have any questions, comments, or problems, please let me know :-).

July 29, 2004

bBlog Search Plugin...

Over on the bBlog Forums, eadz has mentioned that he has augmented the Search plugin in CVS. In order to run it on bBlog 0.7.3, there are a few tweaks to be had, so I have updated my Search Plugin Copy accordingly to benefit from his changes.

As always, if there are issues, please let me know :-).

July 25, 2004

Updates in the next version of bBlog....

I have just gotten notification that the fixes in my nextprev plug-in will be in the next version of bBlog, viz. bug 855654, bug 97635, and the search plug-in (including title searching).

While this does resolve most of the dependencies on nextprev, the one that remains is the search.php to use GET instead of POST semantics. Hopefully it will be added shortly.

It looks like the next version of bBlog will be a 1.0 release, though, so this should be interesting. So far, the feature list is listed on the bBlog Forums. Looking forward to seeing what else goes in :-)...

July 17, 2004

bBlog nextprev 0.4.1 released...

In the bBlog nextprev 0.4 release entry, Francois-Xavier Bodin has reported a bug that relates to Clean URLs (which this site now uses). Needless to say, nextprev 0.4.1 fixes this problem.

If there are any other issues, please let me know. Enjoy.

July 10, 2004

bBlog Global Authentication Problem...

Over at the bBlog Forums, someone was trying to use multiple bBlog installations on a single domain, and was experiencing authentication problems. The problem was the PHP Session information simply stored the state that the user was logged in, but not where or who. As such, as soon as the user went to another blog installation, the user was believed to he logged in.

I looked into the problem, and I have a fix. It is probably not the most glamourous one, but it resolves the issue. You can snag it here.

There also seems to be some issue when you login as the wrong user, and then login as the correct user. When you do this, you get a completely blank page, without much to say about it. The above file also contains a fix for that too.